About Us

MASTERMINDIAS is a learning centre par excellence of international standards and a premier in the field of Best Civil services coaching In Trivandrum Kerala. The institution is promoted by Mastermind Education, a flagship organization with diverse interests in specialized education and which already has an enviable track record and experience in the higher education sector.

Our Mission

MASTERMINDIAS is embarked on to set a new benchmark in the field of Best Civil Service coaching In Trivandrum Kerala by delivering the most comprehensive and definitive training to its students, backed with the state-of-the-art technologies and IT enabled solutions with a vision to create a history of moulding contented winners and toppers both in life and in the examination. The Academy has plans on the anvil to spread its wings all over Kerala, besides other townships in India.

Our Motto

We firmly believe that a young generation of successful people in life can be created only through enhancing confidence, employability skills and adaptability.

How Do We Stand Out?

The institute marches ahead with one specific goal in mind – success- and since we know fully well that nothing succeeds like success, the Academy pursues a ‘no holds barred’ strategy in all stages of the programme, right from planning to implementation.
The Academy has a fully integrated holistic vision about the training programmes to be imparted for an examination like the Best Civil Services in Trivandrum Kerala, fully recognizing its sheer vastness of scope and the magnitude of work to be undertaken by the aspirants. We offer coaching not just for the Prelims or exclusively for the General Studies papers, but also cater to the need of training students with an eye on the Mains exam and covering almost every popular Optional subjects like Geography, History, Psychology, Sociology, Malayalam Literature, English Literature, Public Administration etc, and will culminate in the preparation for the Personality Test. Our dedicated mentors will be there with the aspirants, all along.
The Weekend Coaching Programme, for the college students has been diligently designed as a tailor-made package with the ultimate objective of moulding the young minds by providing a solid foundation in their academics and to enable them to excel in their college education as well as in future lives. This unique initiative of multi-layered coaching is aimed at equipping the Graduate students with the required level of knowledge and competence to take the Best Civil Service Exam Coaching in Trivandrum Kerala and Best IAS academy in Trivandrum with élan and verve.
The MASTERMINDIAS Academy has the best teaching faculty with years of academic experience in Best Civil Services coaching In Trivandrum Kerala Best IAS academy in Trivandrum and the members of this rich galaxy are pooled together from across the country based on their outstanding civil service records, academic and teaching credentials.
The most authentic study materials for the course, in tune with the current trends in the examination pattern have been prepared by our dedicated Research & Development wing consisting of veteran professionals, experienced academicians and experts drawn from different domains of knowledge and proficiency and it works with dogged determination and commitment. The video recordings of lectures by eminent civil servants, academicians and experts in different areas of competence are accessible to our students, as we have an independent HD Recording and Editing studio.
The Year-long Programme takes place at a wholly dedicated Wi-Fi campus with air-conditioned lecture halls equipped with hi-fi audio and video backup and provision for live video conferencing, an awesomely well-stacked library with the largest number of reference books and digitized materials, the full-time presence of mentors, centrally air-conditioned study rooms etc,. All these make hard learning an extremely enjoyable experience for the candidates at the Academy, as all the amenities conducive to troublesome learning are ensured at the campus.
A highly user-friendly mobile/web App is also designed using the Android platform, which consists of graphics and animation based lectures, area-wise study materials, reference sources, solved previous question papers of both the Prelims and the Mains exams and study videos from eminent resource personnel.
We don’t brag; but proudly assert that you can’t get it better anywhere.

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